Marit Beckmann

2 hour individual guided tour for up to 3 people


800,- kr


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Experience the birds together with me, a certified birdwatching guide in the German and the Danish Nationalpark Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is the most important and largest 'restaurant' of the migratory birds on the way from the winter area to the breeding area and back.

Up to 100,000 worms, snails and mussels live in every square meter of the mudflats. also offers you the option of booking individual tours or one of the many birdwatching offers. I look forward to welcoming you to


Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, if you have any questions.

Hallig Südfall

about 6 Hour 

Hamburger Hallig 

about 4 - 5 Hours

From the border 1864 to 1920

about 6- 7 Hours


with Starling murmuration

about 3 Hours


in the german and danish area

about 3 - 4 Hours

From the border 1920 to the border 1864

about 6 -7 Hours

Hallig Oland

about 6 - 7 Hours

The ultimative Birdwatching Trip

for those who can't get enough!

6  - 8 Hours  


in the Tonderner Marsh

about 2 - 3 Hours

A happy customer

"Fantastic! Marit is completely fascinated by nature and the birds. She conveys her knowledge in a great way, whether for old or young!

The best guided tour we have ever participated in. If you didn't like birds before traveling with Marit, then you love birds after their tour!

And when you come to the Wadden Sea National Park, you have to take part in one of the Marits tours! An amazing addition! "

                                             Maria actress and blogger from Copenhagen