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Hallig Südfall

The Hallig (small island without protective dikes) is situated in Zone 1 of the Wadden Sea National Park as it is of particular importance for brood and migratory birds. For this reason one may only enter the area with a special permit as part of a guided tour.

During the spring and autumn migration, you can see thousands of birds here. Often large flocks of birds can be seen on the way through the mudflats. A special highlight is the Spoonbill colony which amongst many other birds, can be observed well from the wharf. Südfall has a size of 54 hectares. On the only wharf on the Hallig stands a dwelling house with an outbuilding.

We get to the Hallig by horse-drawn carriages. During the stay we will observe birds and have a bite to eat. We walk back 7 kilometres through relatively solid mudflats. We will tell about the inhabitants of the area, the Wadden Sea National Park and World natural heritage.

22. 05. 2021

13. 06. 2021

CVR. 38873121   v/ Marit Beckmann  

+ 45 53 65 62 61

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